Carlisha’s Products & Services

Leadership Elevation:

Develop a timeless, memorable, and powerful brand

Discovery Sessions

Have a big idea with a specific challenge or question needing an expert opinion? Sign up for a one-hour discovery session with Carlisha to discuss ideas and learn strategies for success in leadership and social impact. This short session is designed for those wanting to explore their potential venture or established venture with guidance and advice.


Innovation Session 

Three hours of intensive consultation to develop a timeless, memorable, and powerful pitch that will leave audiences in awe. In this session, we will design and develop your personal leadership branding position and personal + organizational pitch. I will help you develop a complete personal/business pitch and branding position for your organization, business, or your personal brand.


Impact Launch:

Launch your social enterprise/nonprofit in 90 days

Starting a non-profit can be difficult. From developing your mission and vision, creating your bylaws, board, programming, and raising your initial funds, it is definitely not a process for the faint of heart. This is why I developed the Social Innovation + Implementation package…to help you launch your passion at an accelerated rate without the headache of figuring things out on your own a long the way. With this package, you will not only have the business and legal structure of your non-profit in place, but I will also teach you leading industry tips and secrets to success I wish I knew when I launched my non-profit 6 years ago.

Click here for full details of the Social Innovation Package. 

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