When to Make Your Next Move

Super exciting and busy week ahead! Tomorrow morning, I will be on KTUL Channel 8 in Tulsa along with a few other winners of the Women of the Year Pinnacle Award. Tuesday is the Women of the Year Pinnacle Award Press Conference. Thursday night is the patron mixer, Friday is the awards event and Saturday early morning, I will be headed to Washington, DC to speak that afternoon at Teach for America’s 25th Year Anniversary Summit, a conference that over 11,000 people have registered to attend.

Can I share a bit of the behind the scenes story with you?

I could have never imagined that all of my bumps in the road, bruises, mistakes, and tears would lead to a path of undeniable purpose. A lot of people see the highlight reel on social media of the glory, but God has taken me through valleys and placed me on a platform by His grace to show others it is possible.

When I started Women Empowering Nations in 2009, I never envisioned it would become what it is now. It was my ministry to be to little girls what I wish I had growing up. I started with 30 girls, an outdoor classroom, donated supplies, and the belief that this work would make a difference. Fast forward 7 years later and over 2,000 young women have been reached by our work that I would have quit years ago if I listened to all the people who told me what couldn’t be done, we wouldn’t raise the money, and that this space of work was already saturated with other organizations. But I later realized that people are quick to share what can’t be done because they gave up on their own dreams long ago. Fundraising has always been an uphill battle but even when we were down to the wire and in the last hours before taking girls abroad, God provided. From the little details to the big details, He has provided for the vision to come to pass. And guess what… this is only the beginning.

To the person who is sitting on your dreams waiting for “one day”, please know that faith without works is dead. There is someone waiting on you to walk in your purpose to inspire them to walk in theirs. Dream bigger and know that you are more than enough. Die to your doubts and make a move.

Posted on January 31, 2016 in Motivation

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