3 Simple Truths to Break Free & Live Your Best Life


This past year, I have been on a journey seeking clarity, big prayers, fine tuning dreams, building and eliminating relationships. Ultimately, I yearned for freedom and had to look introspectively at what held me back from the “promise land.” Here’s what helped me that can push you forward on your journey, too:

1) Childhood insecurities play leading roles in grown up behaviors.

When is the last time you asked yourself, “Self, what is it about the trigger from this comment, look, feeling, or words that is connected to something from my past?” Often we dismiss, blow up on, and shun people for actions that are far deeper than anything they said or did. You are walking around with unhealed wounds from years ago. Evaluate your experiences and address the root cause. Your arms should be tired from carrying the same baggage through all of these years. He isn’t the one who broke your heart, she is not one who doubted your dreams, they don’t feel you aren’t enough…your past told you that. Let it go.

2) Know what you stand for and be ready to sacrifice.

This whole process requires truly knowing yourself and what you’re willing to fight for. Find the issue, dream, idea, and cause that sets your heart on fire. It may be a social justice issue that infuriates you or a business concept you believe will transform the world…whatever it is, do something. In the words of Michelangelo, “Criticize by creating.” The world needs you to stand up and act on your beliefs. Instead of complaining about what’s wrong, do something to make a difference.

3) Make Cuts.

The way living without hindrance or restraint works, often leads to the elimination of people who stifle you. Get ready to drop the people who aren’t sharpening your iron. Those whose negativity eats you up inside. The nay sayers, the leeches, the wannabes, the people who just aren’t going places in life. Cut it.

Check yourself. Check your beliefs. Check your circle. None of this happens overnight, but it is a daily choice that is worth the peace accompanied by taking back your power.

Your turn to share! What truths stood out to you and/or which ones would you add to the list?



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