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Carlisha released her first book, “Choosing Faith Over Fear,” in 2015. In 2024, she debuted her first children’s book, “Hey, Beautiful Girl!”

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"Hey, Beautiful Girl!" is an empowering and uplifting children's book celebrating their unique qualities and encouraging self-confidence. Through rhythmic and affirming verses, the story touches on the themes of kindness, love, and cultural pride, reminding girls to cherish their identity and heritage. With a heartwarming message and positive affirmations, "Hey, Beautiful Girl!" inspires young readers to believe in themselves and embrace the incredible individuals they are becoming.

Hey, Beautiful Girl!

Choosing Faith Over Fear is a powerful, inspirational work for dream chasers who are ready to stretch beyond limits, burst through barriers, and relentlessly pursue their true calling. This is a must read for those who are ready to surrender fears, find purpose, and chase towards the desires God has placed within your heart. Choosing Faith Over Fear provides examples, practical steps, and journal questions to fuel self-discovery and radical change within you. Go on an introspective journey through relationships, self-perception, the plight to leadership, and professional growth as Choosing Faith Over Fear lights your path to a life on purpose.

Choosing Faith Over Fear: 14 Days of Life-Changing Lessons

I'm Carlisha

Carlisha Williams Bradley is an award-winning social impact leader, high-performance women's leadership coach, and educator. A passionate advocate for the advancement of Black women and girls globally, she founded Women Empowering Nations and Amplify for Women which has created leadership and career opportunities for over 9,000 women in 23 countries. Additionally, she served on the Oklahoma State Board of Education from 2019-2023 impacting over 700,000 students as a champion for diversity, equity, and inclusion within the public education system. Carlisha received a BBA in Entrepreneurship and Venture Management and a BA in African and African-American Studies from the University of Oklahoma and earned an MPA from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University. Carlisha and her husband reside in their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma raising their three children. 

"Carlisha shows us true vulnerability and transparency in "Choosing Faith Over Fear". 

In addition to providing a push that sometimes we need to further reevaluate ourselves and even relationships. Which will help us inevitably strive after our goals and core values. If you have not grabbed your copy of Choosing Faith Over Fear you are missing out."