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There are two ways we can work together: Accelerate your Career Growth or Improve Your Public Speaking

create your signature keynote and pitch with the spotlight publc speaking vip day

Accelerate career growth with the elevate cohort

Two Pathways to Work With Carlisha

  • You are a founder or social impact leader.
  • You are in or ready to embrace roles requiring you to be in the spotlight having to communicate to stakeholders, decision makers and teams.
  • You are ready to leverage your insight and expertise right now to grow as a thought leader in your industry.
  • You are tired of being the “only one” in the room. You want to be surrounded by other ambitious women to support you on your journey.
  • You are dedicated and results-driven. You are willing to invest yourself in a proven process to see transformational results in your speaking and leadership.


Elevate is a comprehensive leadership coaching program for women to authentically enhance their executive presence and amplify their public speaking skills to maximize income potential and accelerate their careers. 

Elevate Cohort


group coaching


Spotlight Public Speaking VIP Day


During the intensive full day session, I work with you one-on-one to craft your signature pitch and keynote. After our VIP Day, you will walk away ready to hit the stage with your keynote presentation. You will have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to captivate audiences, secure paid speaking engagements, and build your personal brand as a sought-after expert. 


  • You are a trailblazing founder, a visionary industry leader, or an experienced professional. 
  •  You desire to monetize your expertise to grow your brand and business.
  • You want to discover and embrace your authentic speaker identity.
  • You are in search of guidance for how to develop a narrative that not only captivates but also resonates deeply with your audience.
  • You are eager to hit the stage with confidence and clarity delivering your signature pitch and keynote presentation.

"I've been working with carlisha for years through executive training and she's gotten me to a place where i'm more confident on stage and in my story."

nicole lynn - executive coaching client

"I was better able to understand how my gifts and talent aligned to a career that's purposeful to me"

received one of her team's highest bonus percentage

carolyn was able to negotiate her time, salary and development stipend for continued learning. overall resulting in a 20K-30K package increase

negotiated a 20-30k salary increase

"I now believe in myself...and realize it's all about the story i tell to position myself as a value add."

landed dream job and got her freedom back

 I have always been a been a person who has a lot of big dreams and ambition but, I lacked a sense of clarity. Working with Carlisha challenged me to answer the hard questions about how I will achieve my goals. I have been able to find clarity and identify the things that have held me back!The most important thing that I have learned is that there is power in my story, and as a leader, it is okay to be your authentic self.

- Kimberly Dyer

Carlisha supports in building my clarity which fuels my confidence before I step on stage. She has guided me to leverage my story and experiences to align with the impact I aspire to leave in this world and to empower women. She is a trusted resource on my journey. I’m grateful to work with her.

 - Nicole Lynn

One of the things I loved is that Carlisha gave concrete examples and tangible examples and tools that I could immediately use and implement in my career and in the conversations that I was having at work.

 - Lauren Oldham

I am the only Black woman in meetings, in conversations, and just sitting at the table. Had I not had the opportunity to really explore my story, to really explore my values, to really understand what I brought to the table, I would have entered this role with a lot less confidence and a lot of convincing myself that this is where I was meant to be and that I was able to do it. The Elevate cohort had a way of really helping me to remove a lot of those barriers.

- Cherae Nash

I work to prepare you to hit the stage, lead teams, grow organizations, and increase your revenue

I don't just promise professional growth. I intentionally design holistic offerings to provide a space for personal development, healing, motivation, and authentic connection.